Hitachi releases 4TB hard drive in Japan



Although microchip giant Intel on Monday have announced that it expects to badly miss their sales forecast for the current quarter caused by lower sales of notebook computers and desktops due to the hard drive shortage caused by the massive floods in Thailand, Hitachi have released their new 4TB Deskstar hard drive for internal and Touro Desk for external use.

Users will get a free 3GB of cloud storage from with every purchase of the Touro Desk external hard drive.

This is the world first commercially available at that storage capacity. Granted it's not the fastest hard drive available by running at 5900 rpm, or what the Hitachi calls "CoolSpin" resulting in the drive having up to 28 percent idle power savings compared to the 7200 rpm drives.

The massive storage of their new 4TB hard drive is sure to please a lot of users with massive files with it's gigantic storage and USB 3.0 capability.

It's currently priced at 26,800 Yen ($345), but currently there's no official announcement from Hitachi for it's international availability and the Thailand floods will likely mean it's very low on stock.




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