Facebook hired Sony PS3 hacker "Geohot"


The giant social networking website, Facebook have confirmed on Wednesday that they have hired George Hotz, a celebrated hacker known as "GeoHot" who was sued by Sony for hacking the Japanese company's PlayStation 3 gaming console.

According to the online rumors, Hotz is now working very hard at the Facebook application for Apple’s iPad application.

Sony had accused Hotz of violating federal law by posting online tutorials that could be used to modify the PS3 security system and allow players to play downloadable pirated video games on their consoles.

In April, Internet vigilante group Anonymous began staging cyber attacks on Sony's online services, including the PlayStation Network, in retaliation for the legal action against Hotz and another hacker, Alexander Egorenkov.

Anonymous argued the reason for their attack was that PS3 console owners have the right to do what they wish with their consoles, including modifying them however they like. Despite that, Hotz later reached a settlement with Sony in April involving the PS3 hacking case. Hotz also was the first person to go public after successfully hacking into an iPhone.

Sony's PlayStation Network, Qriocity music streaming service and Sony Online Entertainment were among the online services targeted during the attacks and data breaches which compromised more than 100 million user accounts and resulting a one month closure of PSN.


DIYgamer said...


Come At Me Bro said...

This is great!

paulz said...

Love it when this happens :) People very talented people to even more use :)

Thecrazymoose said...

Good move.

Zach said...

Sounds like a good deal for both sides, and I'm sure Geohot will be making some $$$

Heather said...

I think its kinda cool that we can actually see the person who was the root cause of something so huge! Not to mention how cool it is that he pretty much got away with it relatively unscathed and was hired by an equally well known company because of his skills that got him in trouble to begin with! This is funny and awesome at the same time!

minecraft129 said...

So the guy stops me from playing PS3 for a couple months and now is celebrated. I hate him....

Dralel said...

@Minecraft129 No... we don't know who attacked Sony. there's rumours that Sony fired its security staff just before the PSN hack. Even if Anonymous attacked the PSN, you should be directing your anger towards them, not GeoHot. You moron. T_T

Doom Generation said...

glad you covered this.

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