Weird, Microsoft registers and


That's right, the creator of various Windows OS and the powerful gaming console Xbox 360 have shockingly registered both and yesterday for a year.

Whois record for

Tuesday at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Andy Lees said that Redmond would eventually have just a “single ecosystem” for PCs, phones, tablets, and even the TV.

Speculations arise that partnership for a single system from both companies is imminent and could be successful just like when Sony and Ericsson became Sony-Ericsson when their cellphone divisions merged.

PS 360 perhaps?


Shaw said...

If there is a sony microsoft gaming console, my mind will be blown.

Chris Hashemi said...

That is really strange. Maybe they're going to try and compete with an Apple product?

STRAFOR said...

uhmm weird and scary.

Randall A. said...

I wouldn't be opposed to it, haha

Simon said...

Interesting, something to keep an eye on.

Kingmush said...

Hm.. this would be a unlikely duo. Interesting though.

Bremsy said...

If this is true it would be amazing! no more exclusive PS or Xbox or any other consols (apart from the wii) games :D everything can be made for the PC again ^^,

AJ said...

We are all done-for... I just hope it's console integration, not service integration...

Luukash said...

PS360 =D

Kyoun said...

WTF? Merger?

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