Sony To Replace PSP Of Mugged Student In London Riots



Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has promised to replace the PSP portable gaming device of Ashraf Haziq – a straight A Malaysian student who just arrive in United Kingdom a month ago on an accounting scholarship.

Ashraf was video taped being mugged of his PSP after being brutally beaten up. The shocking video that have gone viral shows Haziq being robbed off his goods from his backpack after being assisted to his feet by youths. He suffered a broken jaw and was seen sitting at the roadside, bleeding heavily. He was caught in the midst of widespread rioting in London on Monday night.

SCEE marketing director Alan Duncan wrote on a blog set up specifically for this purpose that the company would “like to give Ashraf a new PSP and games,” and requested to be put in touch with him or a hospital where he is being treated.

“If we can find out how to get it to him we’ll replace the PSP,” added a SCE UK rep.

 Speaking at a press conference after being discharged from the Royal London hospital after a three-hour operation on Wednesday, Haziq said he felt sorry for his attackers.

"I was really sad for them because amongst them there were children," he said.
 "There was a boy from a primary school, I think. It was shocking because I expected it to be someone older, but there was this boy."

Despite this horrible incident, Haziq still want to complete his 2 year study in the UK and hold no grudges to his attackers.


Diego Sousa said...

well, that still awlful to me! look at all that blood!

Lady Lunacy said...

wow, the world is weird!

Sketchar said...

That is actually heart touching.

Chris Hashemi said...

Sucks big time for that kid, but at least he's getting his stuff back. Wow, that's pretty nice of Sony.

mentats4me said...

I feel bad for that guy. People in this world tsk tsk


Huh, sad world.

fabio_2007 said...

that's great

Follower #99872301 said...

um... so everybody that gets robbed of their Sony products should get in touch with Sony?

Dragmire said...

Sucks for that guy but at least Sony is doing the right thing and replacing his PSP.

Andy said...

Really fucked up. At least Sony has always been generous with freebies.

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