Starbucks Blocking Ports To Prevent Wi-Fi Campers


It's a sight almost all of us have seen in the city everyday. People buying a cup of latte and staying at Starbucks for hours on their laptops for their wireless internet access.

It has apparently become quite the problem. Reuters points out that some highly trafficked Starbucks outlets in New York City are actually blocking electrical outlets in a bid to keep campers moving on and provide seats for other customers who just need a place to sit after buying up a latte or pastry.

"Customers are asking (for it) .... They just purchased a latte and a pastry and there is nowhere to sit down in some of these really high-volume stores," said Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz.

Move it along brah.

"If this is what the store needs to do to support the business, then they're allowed to make the decision to do that," Hilowitz said. "It really is all about the balance."

Starbucks offers free wireless internet access to all of its customers. While inviting customers to linger can result in repeat purchases, it also can have unintended consequences.

Seating is limited in some cafes frequented by students, freelancer workers and other laptop users who sometimes stay for hours eventhough their cup of latte is empty for quite a while.

Perhaps they can just bring more batteries?


Diego Sousa said...

they're right, it's kinda disrespectful, from the customers, to others customers, as people, you know?

Electric Addict said...

i know sometimes when i need wifi i pull up to a starbucks and grab it outside the store haha

my day in a sentence said...

I guess I can see it from the Starbucks point of view.
Following and supporting, mate! :)

ER Technician said...

I've actually seen some cars park outside starbucks and people sit there for wifi. I've actually seen them turn their cars on to charge their laptops and continue to idle there!

Jackson.k said...

I hate people who do that. It's like they freaken own the place. GOOD JOB STARBUCKS!

Muurpapier said...

couldn't starbucks just make a separate room for wifi consumers so normal costumers always have a seat


and the wi-fi war begins !

Anonymous said...

Kinda makes me feel bad about how much I abuse hotel electricity. Sure I'm paying for more than a latte. But I bring lots of stuff when I travel and I charge all of it. Probably costs them more than 15 bucks for me to recharge everything.

Ah well, At least I'm not low enough to steal electricity out of a starbucks.

frankcom said...

This maskes sense, well done starbucks!

Nimz said...

Hi, I just found out that Starbucks is blocking sties.. They are blocking presstv... is it because the truth hurts?

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